Fog Seal is a slow or quick setting emulsion that is diluted with water.  It is applied with a spreader truck or other form of sprayer.  Fog seal helps to cover small road imperfections, cracks or other small voids.   This provides an inexpensive way to buy a little more time for roadways vs. major repairs. Typically this seal should be routinely reapplied every three to five years. 

Fog Seal should be applied and spread as evenly as possible.  This allows for top quality coverage and penetration of surface cracks. The rate of application depends on the texture and condition of the surface, but ranges from 0.8 to 0.15 gallon per square yard with diluted emulsion.

This type of seal can be used to extend pavement life until a more permanent and expensive repair can be budgeted.  It is best used for short-term maintenance or in specific correction areas.  The application is only expected to last for a year with heavy traffic. If traffic conditions on a freeway are heavy, the road should be closed four to six hours to allow the emulsion to cure. Fog Seal can also be used to correct or darken pavements, seal pavement after rumble strips have been milled or reduce aggregate loss on chip seals.
Fog Seal