• Low traffic roadway areas (including roadway shoulders), Home Owner Associations,
trailer parks, parking lots, walkways, etc.
• Best results when applied to surfaces with temperatures of 50 degrees or higher.
• Quality Seal may be applied with a hand or motorized squeegee or spray applied.
• Apply in any climate except raining or freezing weather.  Sunshine, wind, low humidity
and elevated ambient temperatures will speed curing time.
• Areas to be sealed must be free of dust, dirt, and debris.  All oil spots or other infirm areas must be treated or removed prior to application.
• Quality Seal can be diluted with clean, potable water.  Maximum dilution is 20% without separation of material occurring.  Do not over dilute the product as this will decrease overall product performance.
• Product is fully cured when water is dried completely from the top of the surface.

• Easily applied with a hand or motorized squeegee or sprayed to achieve a rich, thick coat.
• Excellent adhesion that will not delaminate under pooling water when fully cured.
• Good for areas that are subject to scuffing such as: cul-de-sacs, storage and forklift areas.  Power steering tests have been conducted on surfaces with as little as 45 minutes curing time.  These tests showed only minor scuffing.
• Curing is faster than traditional seal coat so same day opening for traffic is possible in less than 8 hours under ideal conditions.  Conditions favorable to evaporation will further speed curing.
• Traffic striping with water borne paints immediately after curing can be done without fear of discoloration.
• Increases flexibility and strength.
• Improves resistance to motor vehicle fluids and has extended resistance to solar degradation.
• Not predisposed to settlement.
• Non-hazardous in cured form; may be disposed of at any municipal landfill after curing.

• For best results use water borne paints when striping seal coated roadways or parking lots.  Minimum of 24 hours curing time before striping.
• The use of chlorinated rubber or other solvent paints is NOT recommended when striping seal coated roadways or parking lots as “lifting” or “bleeding” may occur.

• DOT: Non-Regulated
• Do not allow to freeze prior to curing
• Do not thin or mix with anything besides clean, potable water
• Diluted material should not be stored
• Keep out of reach of children
• Product is not to be taken internally

Quality Seal (concentrate) test resultsTest MethodASMA Spec.Results
Weight/gallon in pounds      ASTM D2449.0 min       9.78
Cone Penetration in mm.     ASTM D217340-700      517
Non-Volatile %            ASMA A-1  50 min51.4 min
Non-Volatile Soluble in Trichloroethylene % ASTM D204210-3531.6
1 Hour Soak (Wet Tracks Abrasion)     ASTM D391035 gram loss max     0 grams
6 Day Soak (Wet Tracks Abrasion)      ASTM D391035 gram loss max     11.2 grams

Quality Seal